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Envelope Printing & Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Instructions and Information

In order to process your order more efficiently, please review the following specifications when preparing art for Ambassador Envelope.

Download Artwork Instructions PDF

Software Compatibility

Our preferred platform is the Apple Macintosh. We have the ability to accept files in the following applications: Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Adobe PageMaker. PC files can also be accepted in the same file formats as the Mac, but there may be font compatibility issues.

Send any graphics used in the file separately; do not embed graphics in file; keep them as a separate link.

You must send laser print-outs showing correct layout, placement of linked graphics and color separations.

Files created in Microsoft Publisher, Word, or other word processing applications may not print as expected, and may result in additional charges.

We will accept PDF files. But you need to understand that a PDF file is only as good as the file from which it is made and the process used to make it. PDF files are more difficult to correct than native files. If the PDF files are not 100% correct, we will charge for corrections or ask that you provide a corrected file. Contact us for advice on making PDF files for plates.


It is best to send all fonts used in your artwork. With postscript fonts, be sure to include both screen and printer fonts. Remember to include fonts used in linked graphics. If you are unable to send us fonts, convert type to paths or outlines before sending us your art.

Make sure type styles have been applied properly; avoid using pseudo fonts. Align columns/text by using tabs, not the spacebar.

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Digital Media

Ambassador Envelope can accept the following media: CD-ROM, 3.5" floppies, and 100 MB Zip.

To insure your disks are returned to you, label all disks/cartridges with your company name, disk number, purchase order number, and include a printed directory of contents. When files are placed on disk, check that all links have been maintained and that all linked files have been copied to disk/cartridge. Make all compressed files self-extracting.


All colors need to be properly defined as process or spot (do not use RGB colors). All unused colors should be deleted from color palette (this includes placed EPS files created in Illustrator & Freehand). Spot colors need to carry their proper PMS designation. Colors that have been used to designate special colors need to be named to reflect the color as they will print (i.e. a color showing where gold foil is to imprint should be named "gold foil").

Set all colors to knockout. Ambassador Envelope will set all overprints and traps in our pre-press department.

Graphic Elements

No hairline lines/rules. Specify a precise width on all rules.

Images should be cropped, scaled, and rotated in native application prior to placement.

Do not use RGB files. Convert files to CMYK before sending to our office. Make sure all linked files sent to us are high resolution, minimum 300 dpi.


Make sure all proofs provided to us are the latest and final versions of the file. It MUST match artwork sent to us on disk. Proofs need to be properly marked that identify linked images, color specifications, and typefaces.

All proofs need to be 100% size and in color if possible. If the art file is sent to us via e-mail, the hard copy proof must follow.

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Compress your files before emailing to reduce the chances of damage to your documents and speed up transfers. Address e-mail to images@ambenv.com and cc your Customer Service Representative. Identify the customer you are sending art for and the name of the Ambassador Envelope Customer Service Representative who handles that account.

Fax your purchase order and a hard copy of the file to your representative at Ambassador Envelope so we know we are getting the results you expect. Use your e-mail software's attachment option to specify which files are to be uploaded with your e-mail message.


NO "WHITE OUT"! Unwanted items need to be deleted, not covered with a white box. This includes flaws in scans and eps files. They should be cleaned up before being placed in artwork.

If you are sending one-color images for us to scan, PLEASE DO NOT SEND FILM or TRANSPARENCIES. We need clean black and white art.

Make sure the customer has the rights to all copyrighted materials.

Please let us know if this job is a repeat of one we have done previously, or a repeat with minor changes.

Failure to follow appropriate procedures may result in complications and delays in the completion of your printing project.

If you need further information or clarification, please call us at 800-325-4510 or fill out our Contact Form.

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