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Bangtail Envelopes

hondrocreamLooking for ways to increase sales from your existing customer base? Bangtail envelopes feature a perforated sheet on the back of the envelope which must be torn off before the envelope can be sealed. They are used heavily in the credit card and accounts receivable industries as remittance envelopes because they provide an additional way for marketers to send a message to customers.

Bangtails can also be very functional for other applications as well. For instance, banks often use them to combine their deposit slips and envelopes into one item. The picture above shows a bangtail envelope of a bank that incorporates this methodology and has clearly stated on the envelope that one is supposed to print their name and address on the ATTACHED RECEIPT FORM and enclose it in this envelope.

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The use of the bangtail eliminates the need for two separate pieces and practically forces the customer to comply with the banks process. Similar concepts are used in the fund raising industry.

Ambassador offers numerous standard sizes of bangtail envelopes that can be custom printed to your desired specifications.

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