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Shipping Envelopes

While any envelope can technically qualify as a shipping envelope, common styles are typically constructed from more durable materials like Tyvek®, utilize sealed air compartments like our padded envelopes, or have a unique construction like our expansion envelopes. Most of our standard envelopes can be found in our Business Envelopes section.

Tyvek envelopesTyvek® envelopes are made from a synthetic paper that is very lightweight, yet extremely durable and resistant to water and chemicals.

padded envelopeThese air-sealed, cushioned envelopes provide excellent shipping protection for a wide range of semi-fragile products.

expansion envelopesOften referred to as expandable or gusseted, expansion envelopes are ideal for shipping bulky materials like books, video cassettes, samples, and other items.

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commercial envelopeThese standard "every day" business envelopes are typically used for mailing documents, but heavyweight grades of paper can be used so that commercial sizes can be utilized in shipping applications.

catalog envelopesDepending on what you are shipping, standard catalog envelopes or heavy-duty kraft envelopes can be used to ship products in a wide variety of sizes.

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