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Sealing Methods

Ambassador offers three primary sealing methods: Remoistenable Seal Gum, Latex Seal, and Peel & Seal.

envelope with remoistenable seal

Remoistenable Seal Gum

One of the most popular and economical sealing methods, remoistenable seal gum is typically placed on the flap of the envelope and activated by moisture to provide a tight permanent bond between the flap and the envelope.

envelope with latex seal

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Latex Seal

Utilizes self-sealing latex adhesive on both the flap and body of the envelope that bond on contact without the need for moisture. This sealing method is typically not recommended for use with automatic inserting equipment.

peel & seal envelope

Peel & Seal

Pressure sensitive seal gum with a release paper cover. User simply removes the paper cover and presses the flap down. The gum seals on contact without the need for moisture.

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