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Any discussion of envelope materials will generally revolve around the three factors that relate to envelope papers: finish, weight and opacity.

Finish (Paper Type)

Finish refers to the texture, feel and appearance of a paper with the most common envelope papers being:


The weight of an envelope paper refers to its thickness and is measured in pounds. 24# is used for most envelopes, but 28# is used for larger envelopes and greater durability while 20# is often used for smaller envelopes.


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Wrinkles - problem solved!

Opacity is a measure of the paper's thickness, ingredients and ink absorbency. It is an important consideration for custom printed envelopes as it can affect how well the final printed envelope will appear. As with all of these factors, your Ambassador Envelope Specialist can help determine the correct opacity paper for your application.

In general, the most common papers used in the commercial envelope business are 20#, 24#, and 28# white wove and natural kraft papers. These papers can be printed using a number of printing processes and are all compliant with standard postal regulations.

Due to rigorous requirements of the shipping industry, many of our shipping envelopes are made in different materials like Tyvek or incorporate padding or bubble wrap in them to better protect the envelope's contents during transport.

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