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Automatic Inserting

It is important to note that not ALL envelopes will work well with ALL automatic inserting equipment. This can be a challenging issue as each manufacturer of inserting machines has its own specifications for the styles and types of envelopes that will function well with its equipment. As such, we typically recommend reviewing your envelope design with the inserting machine manufacturer to ensure that you choose a design that will perform well.

For instance, here are the general guidelines that Pitney Bowes provides for envelopes to be used on one of their automatic inserter systems:

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  1. Envelope dimensions should not vary more than ± 1/16".
  2. Side seam should be securely bonded to the back panel without exhibiting any curl or ripple between back panel and side seam.
  3. The side seam should have the adhesive line within 1/8" (± 1/16") of the tope edge of the back and within 1/4" of the inner edge of the side seam.
  4. All window patches should be flat, ripple free and bonded within 1/8" of the top edge of the patch material and top edge of the window cut out(s).
  5. In those cases where any part of the side of the patch material is within 1" from any envelope side edge, the following shall apply: if the top of the patch material falls within 3/8" of the crease score line, the patch material shall be raised to within 1/16" of the crease line; in addition, the throat shall be at least 1/4" below the crease line at side edges. This is required to prevent the throat openers from tearing the patch.
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  7. Envelope curl or twist should not exceed 1/2" when the envelope is placed on a flat surface.
  8. In open window envelopes (no patch), the window should be located 3/4" minimum from side, top, and bottom of the envelope.
  9. Paper stock may range from 20 lbs. minimum to 28 lbs. maximum, but 24 lbs. is suggested.
  10. The top edge of the side seam should be even with or up to 1/16" above the top edge of the back panel.
  11. The maximum flap depth on minimum length envelopes is 2-3/4".
  12. Envelopes whose characteristics fall outside of these construction guidelines must be evaluated by testing of customer samples. For testing, please send 2500 samples to Control Department.

Other machines will undoubtedly offer slightly different guidelines. At Ambassador, we can work with you and your equipment supplier to ensure that you choose a design that will meet their guidelines.

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