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Seam Styles

Choosing the proper seam style can be very important especially when automatic inserting equipment will be used or printing is part of the design.

diagonal seam envelope

Diagonal Seams

Envelope in which seams run diagonally from the bottom of the envelope to the throat. It is very common seam style for commercial envelopes, as it tends to work very well with mechanical insertion equipment and postal meters. While good for laser printing applications, it is not ideal if printing is desired on the back of the envelope as the seams can distort the image.

side seam envelope

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Double Side Seams

Available in both inside and outside seam configurations, side seam envelopes provide a large, uninterrupted area for printing. This style is often used on booklet style envelopes, but is also common for many commercial envelopes.

Center Seam Envelope

Center Seams

Commonly used in the construction of catalog style envelopes, a center seam is located directly in the middle of the envelope and provides additional strength for packaging heavier materials. They are typically not suited for automatic insertion equipment or postage meters and dont provide an uninterrupted area on the back for printing.

Single Side Seam Envelope

Single Side Seams

With one back seam running vertically along the back side of the envelope, this style is ideal for creating large, uninterrupted printing areas. It is typically used on open end envelopes where manual insertion methods are going to be used.

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