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Envelope Designs

Envelopes can be manufactured in an almost endless number of sizes and shapes in many different styles. Almost all envelopes, however, stem from two basic construction designs: Open Side and Open End. Dozens of different designs can be developed from these two basic styles to meet the customer's particular requirements.

examples of open end envelopes

Open End Envelopes

Open end envelopes have their opening and flap on the short side of the envelope. This style is most often used in making catalog envelopes that do not require automatic insertion and also applies to perfectly square envelopes.

examples of open side envelopes

Open Side Envelopes

The open side envelope has its opening on the long side of the envelope and typically features either diagonal or double side seams. This style is ideal for use with automatic inserting equipment. As the more common design, open side envelopes are widely used for business correspondence, direct mail marketing, and greeting cards.

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From these two basic configurations, the following standard designs have evolved.

commercial flap with diagonal seam envelope design
Commercial Flap,
Diagonal Seam

baronial style envelope design
Baronial Style

commercial flap with side seam envelope design
Commercial Flap,
Side Seam

A-style announcement envelope design

open end with single side seam envelope design
Open End,
Single Side Seam

open end with center seam envelope design
Open End,
Center Seam

booklet envelope design

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