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Custom Envelope Design

Back view of a standard commercial, diagonal seam envelope.
Back view of a standard commercial, diagonal seam envelope.

While many consumers don't give much thought to the design of an envelope, there are many important issues to consider when designing an envelope for a business or promotional mailer. The size, seam and flap styles, sealing method, window placement, material, and "printability" all need to be considered in order to design the most effective envelope for your particular application.

Most design designations are related to the location of the opening, the style of the seam, and the type of seal flap. They are important for both aesthetic and functional considerations.

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While #10 envelopes may be the most common envelopes in the industry, there are very few limits to the size an envelope can actually be made. However, the size you choose will affect many other aspects including compliance with postal regulations, use in automatic insertion equipment, size of area available for print, etc...

Read about the different seam styles available including side, diagonal, center, and single side.

See examples of pointed, commercial, mailpoint, wallet, and square style flaps.

Ambassador offers three primary sealing methods: Remoistenable Seal Gum, Latex Seal, and Peel & Seal.

An overview of the most common paper materials used in the envelope industry.

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Choose from over 40 different inside safety tints or custom design your own.

Learn more about our capabilities including single, double, and full view window envelopes.

Visit our Custom Printed Envelopes section for more information on our printing capabilities and equipment.

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