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Envelope Converting Services

envelope convertingAmbassador has a full range of equipment for converting pre-litho and flat sheet orders from printers and other customers. The typical procedure for servicing these requests is as follows:

  1. Customer provides information for the layout including the size of envelope, its style, any area of print bleeding on folds or off blank, and the size of the paper.
  2. When the layout is complete, Ambassador will send it to the customer/printer.
  3. Customer will duplicate the positioning exactly and return layout along with a full sheet proof, such as a blue line proof, of the actual print positioning and copy. Proofs must be full sheet size with work in proper position to show cutting position, print position, and windows shown for position only (FPO).
  4. Drivelan
    You have a problem with erection? Not only you!

  5. Ambassador's PrePress department will give final approval to the customer proof.
  6. Customer to provide two (2) cutout and folded samples with windows drawn in. Samples must show all bleeds, any required copy position, window position, etc. If customer cannot provide samples, an Ambassador Envelope Specialist will create samples when printed sheets arrive. Three (3) samples will be made. The three samples will be sent to the customer for approval. The customer will sign two samples and return to the ASA. The customer may keep one sample for their files. For exact repeat orders (same item number) the original proofs or samples can be used again.
  7. Once samples are approved, the order will be accepted.
  8. When the printed sheets arrive for converting, Ambassador will verify count, pull four (4) samples sheets and release to production.

Download a PDF with our equipment capabilities.

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